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The Best e-commerce Solutions

4TheBest eCommerce Solutions offers development, support, and other services to merchants, webmasters, hosting companies, systems integrators, payment processors, and others that need assistance with e-commerce or other web based systems. We are experts in working with MIVA Merchant which we believe is the best over-all retail eCommerce storefront development system on the market. But also have lots of experience with a wide variety of eCommerce and other web based software applications.

Development Services - We are experts in custom development solutions and prefer programming using (in alphabetical order) Bash, C, Flash Action Script, JavaScript, MIVA script, Perl, PHP, and Serade.

Support Services - We are very good at quickly discovering the cause of problems and finding the best solutions to them avaialble. No matter what your problems may be, chances are we can help solve them.

Other Services - While a major focus of our business is eCommerce software development and support services we also offer many other services directly or through partners.

MIVA Merchant Modules - We offer high quality "off the shelf" modules to improve the functionality of your MIVA Merchant store.

payQuake™ - As a payQuake™ Premier Partner, we will assist you in selecting one of three merchant account plans payQuake™ offers. One of them will certainly fit your needs. Ideal for any merchant that wants the ability to accept credit cards.

MIVA script examples - Links to various MIVA script examples which might at times include code fragments, full applications, descriptions of coding, documentation on little known or poorly documented features of MIVA script or the API for various MIVA script applications like MIVA Merchant.

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