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The Best Development Services

We are experts in custom development solutions and prefer programming using (in alphabetical order) Bash, C, Flash Action Script, JavaScript, MIVA script, Perl, PHP, and Serade. Over such languages as C++, Java, JSP, ASP, Python, etc. But we can work with most any language if the job demands it. We highly recommend and prefer working with Apache web server running on one of the various Linux and related Unix derivative operating systems over Internet Information Services (IIS) on Windows. But once again if the job demands it we can work with it.

We have a special expertise in developing with MIVA technologies. We know the MIVA script language as good as, but usually better than, anyone, and Have worked with all versions of the MIVA merchant software and some of us even helped write significant portions of MIVA Merchant 3.x and 4.x, as well as working with MIVA as a technology partner during the 5.x beta period. We believe firmly that MIVA Merchant is the over-all best retail eCommerce solution available on the market today, and we are experts at extending its functionality by creating custom MIVA Merchant modules, or by using some high quality retail MIVA Merchant modules, or building integrations between MIVA Merchant and third party applications using a variety of methods.

It is also true though that sometimes MIVA merchant is not the right choice for a given project and we are good at determining when that is the case and helping eCommerce webmasters, systems integrators or merchants find the right solutions for their needs whether it is a custom solution or a solution based on some other existing eCommerce systems.

For details on how we price our services please see our Pricing Methods For Services page. Also don't hesitate to email or call us to discuss your needs so we can help guide you to the best solution available.

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