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The Best Testimonials

What people are saying about us:

"4TheBest.net is an excellent Miva partner with a great reputation."

- Joe Austin,CEO,Miva Corporation

"Let me start off by saying I wish I had bought QwkGuard sooner. We never realized how vulnerable we were until we were hit with thousands of fraudulant transactions that went on for days until we could figure out how to make it stop. Needless to say our merchant company hit us with thousands of dollars for transaction fees. We went on a desperate search to find a quick powerful solution to our problem, after tons of research we found QwkGuard and instantly bought and installed it. I was so relieved! I could go to sleep without worry now. We have had this installed for about three months now and whoever was hitting out site has moved on to their next victim. I hope it's not you. It was a terrible month of worry for us and I would not wish that nighmare on anyone. I highly recommend this software for anyone doing business on the web. It could literally save you thousands of dollars and sleeples nights."

- Tanya M. Beck,Advanced Alternatives Center

"Jeff, Just wanted to let you know how grateful our company Golfer's Caddy Pro Shop is to your company and software. The QwkGuard is everything you say it is and more! If anyone is using Miva Merchant, the first module they buy should be your QwkGuard Module. 10 Stars ********** Your customer Service is the best on the net!"

- James F. Bell,President/CEO,Golfer's Caddy Pro Shop

"We needed a product to help us see what is happening in our store. QwkTracker does just that. We were easily able to identify key problems in our store's checkout process and improve our order completion rate by 30%. Customer service was OUTSTANDING and way beyond anything I have experienced in dealing with a software product. Thanks for a great product."

- Tony Bradshaw,Web Operations Leader,DaveRamsey.com

"I have consistently relied on the invaluable experience and knowledge of Jeff Huber to help me my grow my business."

- Jeffrey R. Collins,Owner,Nerd Boy Inc

"After working directly with Jeff and Rich for many years, they are among the top professionals in the Miva community. Jeff is definitely in the upper echelon of Miva Merchant developers and you would be hard press to find anyone that has a more thorough understanding of the Merchant internals. You certainly cannot go wrong going with 4TheBest."

- Darren Ehlers,Owner-Creator,OpenUI Developer Consortium

"We highly recommend 4TheBest.net to all our Miva customers."

- Tamara Field,President,Apollo Hosting, Inc.

"Dear Miva 5 community- http://www.stickergiant.com has rebuilt its existing site from M4 to M5. The work and all the custom modules were built by Jeff and James Huber of 4thebest ecommerce. Once the initial Miva api issues were settled the project was completed in a timely fashion, exactly to spec and on budget. The work they did and the dedication they demonstrated was outstanding, beyond excellence. Any business wanting to migrate or build fresh a M5 store contact Jeff or James Huber at http://www.4thebest.com They actually really are the best. Call me for details, John Fischer CEO StickerGiant 303-774-7900"

- John Fischer,CEO,StickerGiant

"We have had a great experience working with Jeff Huber and 4TheBest eCommerce Solutions. As an Internet agency working with a variety of Blue Chip and international clients, we rely on 4TheBest for their in-depth knowledge of Miva Merchant. Jeff has developed custom Miva modules for us to suit our client's specific needs. Even with a staff of seasoned developers in-house, we continue to use 4TheBest for all our advanced Miva Merchant programming."

- Dave Ho,Partner and Vice President,Interactive Services Design Trust Inc.

"There isn't much that the 4TheBest team don't know about the Miva technologies... Jeff Huber's reputation is legendary."

- Keith Hunniford,President,MvCool& Wump LLC

"4The Best is true to the name! I had no experience with starting a web site and could not have done it so quickly without their help. Nothing I wanted to accomplish seemed to stump them and each modification worked flawlessly. I highly recommend these experts."

- Michael Kier,President,Runnersgear.com

"The people of 4TheBest are that rare breed of professional that routinely go the extra mile to solve problems and foresee others before they occur. They're also remarkable in that they are equally excellent communicators (who actually return calls promptly too!) and extraordinary, creative programmers. I trust only a handful of people in the Internet business, and even fewer implicitly. The people at 4theBest are in the latter category. 4theBest is the resource for which I've been looking for years!"

- William Malin,Owner/Webmaster,Ventura Boulevard on the Web

"Today was the second time we were rescued by 4TheBest.net! The first time we had an issue that lingered on for over a year. It was an intermittent problem that could not be duplicated on demand. Thus, pointing people to the problem was a real challenge. Eventually, all the parties involved had a different explanation that ultimately pointed to someone else. We tried the message boards, Miva Technical Support, module providers, hosting providers and ISPs. We got nowhere and our customers were getting fed up. Finally, we got to the right people. Their experience led us right to the problem. The problem was diagnosed and fixed in less than 15 minutes. We have never looked back. Today was a similar situation. We had a nagging issue that we could not resolve on our own. A conference call and some experience on their end was all it took. The problem was fixed before we got off the phone."

- Bill Maples,Manager,eConveyors Ltd

"4TheBest.net was willing and able to listen to our needs and provide us with an excellent solution. Impressive considering that we were new to the Miva Merchant world. Thanks guys."

- Chris Mayes,COO,Inventorprise, Inc.

"If you can't figure out how to get it done with Miva, give 4TheBest a call. They're Miva Merchant experts that think outside the box."

- Greg McNeil,CEO,e-Business Express, Inc.

"The guys at 4TheBest.net were able to fix a problem no one else could fix. Since then, we've come to solely rely on their assistance with any Miva issues, and each time they've come through. They've been dependable, quick to respond and very knowledgeable. They've gone the extra mile to provide us with the best service possible. For this reason, we highly recommend 4TheBest.net to anyone in need of Miva assistance."

- Katherine Medina,President,Skinlogic.com

"The Miva Merchant 'community' suggested we contact 4TheBest.net for our custom module needs. Though we were just looking for a custom module, we received a complete and creative solution to our online business needs. They asked us direct questions about our required functionality and provided suggestions we had never considered. Most of all, we appreciated their development process and follow through! The 'Easy Seed Reminders' functionality exceeded our expectations."

- Gordon Moe,Co-Owner,eBirdseed.com

"I got to know Jeff and Rich in the wee hours of the morning as they saved my literal day! They have burned the midnight oil getting me back up and running on several occasions and were always gracious, extremely knowledgeable, and the most professional. It doesn't get better than this in the world of E-Commerce and Miva."

- Holly Nelson,Owner,.networth Web Development

"4TheBest.net is your source for Miva expert assistance or customization."

- Stephanie Rosendahl,President/CEO,Web Site Source, Inc.

"When others said that it can't be done . . . 4TheBest.net performed the work with ease. Over the past seven years, Jeff Huber and Richard Slisinger are the most professionally minded individuals that I have ever met. Highly regarded and recommended."


"Your help meant a lot to me, and I will be singing your praises to everyone, including my web host, hopefully they can refer their other Miva customers to you."

- Maria Shen,President,Bodhitoys

"Last November we commissioned 4TheBest to create a custom module for us, using uncompiled Miva 4.12, not only did Jeff explain what he could do for us he was able to produce it and follow it up with a compiled version this spring. The whole process was seamless. I was so impressed with Jeff's knowledge of Miva Merchant and Rich's follow thru emails that I will easily look to them first for my future module needs. I have gone back to them with ideas for other modules and Rich has always pointed me in the right direction where I could find existing ones. This speaks volumes to me as to the character and integrity of their company. I would not hesitate to use them again and would highly recommend them."

- Julie Swatling,IT Manager,Fieldtex Products, Inc.

"4TheBest.net does justice to its name. Their expert technical support and prompt, courteous service make them The BEST choice for Custom Miva Solutions."

- Dan E. Whims,President,LA Servers International

"Jeff Huber and Rich Slisinger, the brains and brawn behind 4TheBest.net, are true professionals in the Miva community and marketplace. If you need Miva assistance, then go no further."

- R. Dan Woolman, Ph.D.,CEO,CybrHost Corporation

"It is always a pleasure to work with 4TheBest.net because of their consistent professionalism and attention to customer service. A reliable development partner for any project, large or small. Jeff and Rich have long been integral parts of the progress of Miva Script and its child applications and continue to add tangible value to this arena."

- Jonathan Wray,Owner,Driftwood Network Services

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